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EVE Online and GAME: London Meetup and NPSI Fleet

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EVE Online and GAME: London Meetup and NPSI Fleet

GAME Wardour Street

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Yesterday I visited GAME in Wardour Street to check out their new ‘Belong’ store layout. These new style stores are being rolled out in, Portsmouth, Bristol, Gateshead, and Manchester’s Trafford Centre. They sport some spiffy new graphics, interactive TV screens, and an eSports area suitable for an EVE Online event.

GAME Wardour Street is a good sign that the company that nearly died in 2012 during their administration is reinventing itself. Unlike the other stores Wardour Street is light, airy, and modern; all of the stuffiness of the other stores has been done away with in favour of space and industrial design.

There are 19 seats available in the eSports area all ready to go for an NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) fleet to take advantage of. No matter your alliance or affiliation everyone is welcome to come along, whether you’re from TEST, Goonswarm, Red Alliance, NC, or wherever else. It would be nice to have a cross-section of the game come along and have GOONS playing with TEST guys and PL playing nicely with anyone really. GAME are willing to work with us to put together an event but I need to have an idea of numbers.

If you’re interested in attending an NPSI event in London then let me know by commenting on this article, hopping over to my Facebook page, or sending me a Tweet. Feel free to share this with your friends that live near London or share it on Reddit to see who wants to bring their Fedora and neckbeard and enjoy a fleet or two. If it’s successful I may look into expanding it to include the other stores so that we can have several fleets out at once, or make it a geographical event by pitting London against Manchester and Bristol against Portsmouth for example. Either way do let me know and I’ll reach out to both CCP and GAME to make the event happen.

Should you be brand new to EVE Online then you can learn a little about the game from this article about the tenth anniversary of the game, or how I became Mino Noud (my character name) and have played for so long.


EVE Online and GAME: London Meetup and NPSI Fleet
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EVE Online and GAME: London Meetup and NPSI Fleet
Sign yourself up for an NPSI fleet event at GAME Wardour Street, make new friends, win prizes, and make your killboards green. Get in fleet and hold on gate
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