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Interview: The man behind the curtain – Chribba

Chribba and the Veldnaught

EVE Online

Interview: The man behind the curtain – Chribba

I went to Amarr local recently to join Chribba, the elusive and unassuming man from Sweden at the helm of the ‘veldnaught’; one of the only dreadnaughts still in high sec. Chribba has been playing EVE Online since 2003 and over the years has become an institution in the game; providing in-game services from 3rd party services, to loans, to advice and even an outpost in null sec. What many don’t realise is that if you have ever used a website related to EVE Online, it’s quite likely it is one that Chribba built and provides to the community, so we asked him why he did it. Here is what he had to say to us:

Mino Noud: How did you start creating websites for the EVE community?
Chribba: Basically I started out by making stuff that I had use for myself, and that I felt was missing to help the community grow, so it sort of grew from there. I thought it would be selfish to keep what I had created to myself so I hosted it for others to use as well.

Mino Noud: Why do you do it? What’s in it for you?
Chribba: Seeing the community grow and being able to help out being a part of that growth, plus it’s fun and something I enjoy doing.

Mino Noud: What websites do you provide for the community and which is your favourite?
Chribba: Sites include EVE-Files, EVE-Search, EVEBoard, EVE-Agents, EVE-Offline and EVE-Live to mention a few. I would say that EVE-Files and EVE-Search are very close to my heart as they were among the first ones, but I do love EVEBoard and EVE-Live for the statistics they can provide.

Mino Noud: Do you have anything else that you’re planning?
Chribba: There are some projects ongoing but I don’t have as much time now days as I would like so it’s slow. I can’t spill much about it though since I don’t know how far off it is.

Mino Noud: How does it feel to be one of the most famous people in the game? How do you cope with that?
Chribba: It’s always nice to have cheerful ‘hello’s’ and the such in local, so I appreciate it and like it a lot. I’m very thankful and honoured that people want to wave to me but in all honesty I’m just happy to be a part of the community. The fame thing is pretty easy and I just deal with it, plus I’m not very special.

Mino Noud: Do you have any tips for anyone who wanted to provide services to the community?
Chribba: Try to find a niche that you like and something that will benefit the community and I’m sure anyone will see success. I think this community has shown great potential from many different angles including intel-sites etc.

Opinion is often divided on Chribba. Some people appreciate everything he does for the community while others dislike his cult like popularity and status. No matter what side of the fence you’re on it cannot be denied that he has been a great help to the community and to an extent CCP themselves. It will be interesting to see what these new projects are that he has in store, whether they will be related to DUST 514 or perhaps an ability to drill down through data from multiple sources if you’re running an alliance. Who knows. All we know is that we shall watch with anticipation for what Chribba will leave under the EVE community Christmas tree. Check out this other EVE Online interview with Montolio of TEST.

This was originally posted on EN24 on December 17th, 2012 by myself.

Interview: The man behind the curtain - Chribba
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Interview: The man behind the curtain - Chribba
An interview with the most famous EVE Online player of them all, Chribba. We talk veldspar, 3rd party services, and his start in EVE Online. Veldspar baby!
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