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Interview: Montolio speaks out – TEST VS GOONS

TEST vs GOONS - Montolio

EVE Online

Interview: Montolio speaks out – TEST VS GOONS

In the past few weeks, there have been stories flying around forums, gossip and all kinds of half-truths spread that have made everyone sure that HBC and CFC would reset each other or not reset each other. Yesterday, Eve News24 was contacted by Montolio himself who told us of an article that was due to be posted on Mittens’ website and he wanted to have a platform to speak out about it and put his side across. Instead of writing lots of background information I shall simply put the log of our interview so you can read it without my interjection or supposition on the reality of the possible conflict or otherwise.

EN24: Well, I’ll probably start by asking why you sought us for an interview. What’s on your mind?

Montolio: I just want to make sure our side is out in the public – with regards to the issues with CFC

EN24: Ok. What issues do you have between HBC and CFC right now?

Montolio: CFC is hoping that TEST will attack them first, so that they can paint us as the belligerent aggressors
let me get you some logs

EN24: Ok.  Logs are always helpful.


(11:05:17 PM) GFAllies Vets: This channel is fucked. Since we created ‘cfcops’, most of the military chitchat has moved there, and that’s worked out great. Sadly, this last week I’ve been given an unfortunate log involving one of our allies not in the CFC blithely discussing a desire to kill off a loyal and strong CFC alliance, which is not the kind of thing I can allow to go unremarked upon with both parties sharing a diplomatic coordination channel. Since I don’t approve of passive-aggressive beating around the bush, I’ll be blunt: it was Bring Stabity bragging about TEST baiting FA into a war so that they could kill them under GSF’s nose. Walter Stine had the good grace to disavow Bring’s nonsense firmly, but in my view this incident has borked a channel that was probably screwed anyway; it’s time to start over.We have a new channel now which all of you have access to (Solo conveniently migrated the gfallies userlist) called ‘cfcdiplo’; contacts with the HBC will continue as before through the J5 server. Since cfcops is purely military, and cfcdiplo is purely for schmoozing, there are no restrictions on who you choose to admit to cfcdiplo (except No Mandozers) so you can contact Sion, Tector, Dragkhar, or really any of the corps diplo folks if you’d like to add More Dudes to cfcdiplo from your alliance.* This was a broadcast from the_mittani to alliedfc at 2013-01-18 04:05:20.277639 EVE, replies are not monitored **

So thats the broadcast I am sure you’ve seen – The Mittani shut down gfallies and booted TEST from all diplomatic rooms.
Let me get you a date on when the conversation he referrers to actually took place

EN24: Alright.

It would seem from this that it is a prelude to conflict owing to the fact that nearly all countries entering war sever diplomatic ties before doing so.

Montolio: I’ll get you an exact date, but Mittani waited quite awhile before taking any action. And he never spoke with me about it. He expected me to overreact, and I did – I cut CFC services from our auth.

The date was 1/12/2013

It took Mittani until 1/18/2013 to do anything about it

They’d love for us to overreact and attack them

EN24: With the recent chat logs that were posted between Horus and yourself, do you feel that the content of those re invasion plans could have brought this situation closer or do you feel it is something that has been inevitable for some time?

Montolio: The Mittani was fully aware of this conversation, I spoke to him about it because I knew Horus would leak the logs if I succesfully scammed him. Which I didn’t. So no I don’t think it had anything to do with that, I was telling Horus what he wanted to hear

EN24: What was the response by The Mittani when you discussed it and what has transpired since the chatlog you gave me at the top?

Montolio: I haven’t spoken to The Mittani personally in weeks, there has been zero communication at a high level. The Mittani isn’t stupid either – if he wanted to improve relations we could handle this between ourselves. I don’t think that is his goal.

EN24: What do you think will happen and what would you like to happen if you had the choice of any given situation?

Montolio: I think relations will continue to break down

EN24: Ok. Just for the record, I’ll ask what was or will be in the article being written on themittani?

Montolio: It is a lot of talk about the relationship between TEST & FA, why we’ve between the two focal points for this. We have a lot of bad blood between us, some of it old, some of it new

EN24: Has it been the purpose of the conflict between FA and yourselves to incite a reset or merely just how it has happened?

Montolio: The conflict (at least the current one) between TEST and FA is completely organic – our squads are carrying it outs. Squads in TEST are just social groups, unofficial, and organized entirely by the membership. Sperg Squad in particular has been going after FA ratters using tactics that are completely within our NIP. This has caused a surprising amount of tears from Fatal Ascension. At one point they actually took a fleet from Fade to Esoteria after we killed a ratter.

So to answer the question it doesn’t really have an explicit purpose. But due to previous bad blood we aren’t especially proactive in shutting it down.

EN24: Ok. How long do you imagine it will be until there is a reset between Goons and TEST?  I assume it will be coalition wise as well?

Montolio: I don’t know if we will have a reset – we like Goonswarm. We just aren’t getting along with some members of the CFC currently. If we are attacked, we will reset – but I don’t think we are going to actively hit CFC assets on our own unless something changes.

EN24: My last question is, how do you feel this will change null sec if you do reset? What will happen to your respective coalitions and more so those alliances you have installed in the south?
Montolio: I have no idea – it will be very chaotic. I doubt it will end in a stalemate. I don’t want a coalition stretching from Catch to Tribute either, thats terrible.

EN24: Is HBC bored of the blue donut that has been created?

Montolio: Yes. TEST is built for big fights against big enemies. Against All Authorities was disappointing.

This was originally posted on EN24 on Jan 20th 2013 3:50PM by myself.

PR degree graduate looking for work in media who happens to write, broadcast on the radio, and has a penchant for memes. Writing is a passion and something I have done semi-professional for many years, writing at times for a well known gaming online publication focusing on EVE Online. Quite possibly a nerd.

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