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World of Warcraft: A Blizzard of Fantasy

World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft: A Blizzard of Fantasy

In the world of MMO’s, I am somewhat new to World of Warcraft, venturing into Azeroth when Warlords of Draenor was released. I was given a pre-sale box for the expansion and was excited to play the game as it was something new. I’m aware that a lot of people are harsh critics, harking back to the days of vanilla, but of course I ventured into the game at a different time and can’t speak of this time.

As a long-term EVE Online player, World of Warcraft was a departure from the norm for me, being firmly in the fantasy world as opposed to Sci-FI. Many EVE Online players turned “Go back to WOW” into a meme but I play enjoy them both. I play on Chamber of Aspects in the EU. This is something that disappoints me as coming from EVE Online where it’s one large server, I’m sad to not be able to play with my friends in North America. Being a part of Test Alliance Please Ignore I have friends from all around the world and not being able to play with friends of mine that play WOW in America and the rest of the world always bugs me.

My World of Warcraft character is Illarian, a Night Elf Druid. I normally play a Boomkin but I also play secondary as a healer. There’s something quite fun about going into a dungeon for fun and standing far away from everyone dealing tonnes of damage nonchalantly. Being a healer requires you to run around a bit more and be on the ball but I flit between the two when the healer in our group isn’t doing much good. Within a couple of days of being in WOW I had made a little group of friends, who are still on my Facebook. We formed our own guild and I was given rights to manage the guild because of my experience in EVE. I wasn’t very good (still aren’t) at the game but I have loads of fun and this is what matters.

Unfortunately the guild went quiet after a while, with people busy with jobs, me with University, and people playing other games. For a while I tried to resurrect the guild but recently I left to find a new group of people and get back into the game. As my second character I have a Death Knight Unholy. I play with him less but he’s a departure from the play style of my Boomkin and I hop over to him when I fancy a change.

Unlike EVE, the lore and story of WOW is a lot closer to the surface. I love watching the cut scenes, and reading the surrounding literature on who each character is. Blizzard goes to great lengths to make sure that each character in the game has a background and a story to accompany it. EVE focuses more on combat and the social aspect which works well for the community but I like having a foot in both.

One day it would be amazing if they United the servers so that we could all play together, or even allow me to move my characters from EU to US. I’d happily move them now given the chance owing to how many of my friends happen to be in America that I play games with daily. I’ve had it said to me before that it would be almost impossible for the servers to be united owing to how many players there are but I can live in hope that they find a way to do it without it requiring the super computers of NORAD to achieve it.

If you play World of Warcraft, even if on a different server and fancy hosting an outspoken blogger and PR person then make yourself known. I love this game and the community that’s within it but I’m getting a little lonely with guilds going inactive on my server or just not being up to the standard that I’m used to. Whisper me in-game if you see me online, or give me a shout on Twitter to get my attention. I’ll be waiting.

World of Warcraft: A Blizzard of Fantasy
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World of Warcraft: A Blizzard of Fantasy
After years of playing EVE Online I decided to try World of Warcraft, a totally different MMO in the fantasy genre. Read more to find out how it went.
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PR degree graduate looking for work in media who happens to write, broadcast on the radio, and has a penchant for memes. Writing is a passion and something I have done semi-professional for many years, writing at times for a well known gaming online publication focusing on EVE Online. Quite possibly a nerd.

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